Keeping up with Baby's Scrapbook

Keeping up with my daughters scrapbook has been impossible. Not only am I trying to make time to make sure the pages look perfect, I'm also trying to scrapbook on a budget, a tight budget. I keep putting everything off, then I'd end up with 100's of pictures that I'd be looking through trying to pick out the perfect 3 or 4. Then I'd spend hours and hours, sometimes days trying to catch up and make a bunch of pages. Finally a good friend of mine gave me a tip that has worked for me. Do one page each month- while the baby is young and you have so much to capture. That way everything is up to date and you're not looking back saying "oh no, I have a whole years worth of her life to scrapbook and no money to use!" As my daughter gets older I might not need to do a page a month, maybe a page every other month, or just her big accomplishments but I know I can't let them pile up or I'll be back in the same boat with a ton of big accomplishements that need to be scrapbooked and no time or money to get it done!

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WhatWorksForMom said...

I'm with you. I'm struggling to keep atop of scrapbooking but always get a few hours each month to try to!

Ginny said...

I always like those pages that are a month in review especially for baby's first year. Another tip is to make mini albums. You could do a little 6 x 6 album of favorite summer pics, etc. Good luck on keeping up, I am always falling behind!

Laane said...

With 6 of them I can't keep up.
I date each foto carefully, and if necessary write something at the back.
That way I know at least when the pics are taken.