Lexi's first cookie

Lexi had her first REAL cookie today. a Chocolate chip one. She loved it, can you tell?

I can't believe my daughter is finally mobile. She crawled all the way from the livingroom to my bedroom today. I'm so proud.

I was discussing briefly with Beth this morning the differences between Children. It is amazing to me how different two children can be! I first met her daughter when she was about Lexi's age. She was walking around, saying some words, eating spaghetti and had a decent amount of hair and TEETH. Lexi, now one, has just started crawling- forget walking, she does say some words and eats spaghetti if it's cut up, but she has no hair and no teeth! Lexi still looks like a baby where her daughter looked like a little girl. I mean look at this picture. how cute?!


Peggie said...

Thant's my granddaughter!! What a cutie!!!