Fighting the sin nature

Today is the big day. Lexi turned one today. unlike other one year olds, she did not get her first hair cut, she did not start to walk, or even crawl. She didn't even get her first tooth. Sure, she's a little behind on those developmental things, but I know her brain is working. Not only does she have a vocabulary of seven words (uh-oh, momma, dadda, more, all done, hi and bye) three of which include signs, I have seen her activly fighting her sin nature. You know, that desire inside of you to do what you've been told not to do.
Today I sat Lexi down on the floor outside of the bathroom and noticed her looking around. This is not unusual, she likes to see what all she can get into. Well, I just happened to have set her down next to the outlet with our cell phone chargers plug into it; this is her usual sitting spot while mommy is going potty. On more than one occasion her daddy or I have told her "no, do not touch the plug" it wouldn't surprise me if she has even had her hand "smacked" for touching them. Well today she saw the outlet, leaned towards it like she wanted to grab the chargers, then stopped and shook her head no and sat back down looking for something else to get into. What a good girl I have. I immediatly praised her for not touching them. She was thrilled that I noticed and replied with a big grin.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Yay, Jes! You've done such a great job with Lexi! :-D

ashley said...

That is so cool!!! At 1 year old!! I am amazed!!

I hope my kids are like Lexi. :-)