insurance- YAY

I have been counting down the days until Eugene's insurance starts. For a year now we have had no life insurance no medical insurance, no dental insurance, nothing. It's been about 3 years since Eugene had any form of insurance. God has been good to keep us healthy and safe while we didn't have it, but lately Eugene has had all sorts of things going wrong. I think he's getting old. His one wisdome tooth often wakes him up or keeps him up half the night, shooting pain through his jaw into his head. One of his wrists is all messed up, it cracks all the time and hurts him constantly. I've got a cough that refuses to go away, and something crazy going on with the bottom of my foot. I sound like an old person complaining huh? I'm not, really my point in this is that I'm excited that we'll have insurance and I am SO thankful to God that he has kept us healthy and safe.
It kills me to know that there are companies who don't give their employees the option of insurance, I understand small ones, like the one my husband used to work for- I'm ok with that. but there are BIG companies out there who don't help their employees. Thousands of people are living without insurance. There's medicaid available, but many people are abusing it and many people are totally against it because of the people who abuse it. Then there are people who really need it but can't get help because they make too much money and the government doesn't take into affect their bills. I just wish more companies would care about their employees the way Hennon group cares about theirs. that's where my husband works. They get health insurance 100% premium paid for by the company, not just for the employee, but their family too. The list of benefits goes on and on. And this is a small company, why is it that huge companies that have plenty of money can't do the same? They already underpay their employees then they expect them to be able to afford insurance? I just don't think that's right.