To my Mailman- and mail people everywhere

I've really been feeling sorry for my mailman lately. The news said last night we've had 20 days straight of over 90 degree weather and it's supposed to continue through the weekend. I went for a short walk yesterday afternoon and almost melted from the heat. I can't imagine having to work in it. Especially construction workers, landscapers and people who do majorly strenuous work outside all day- I don't know how they do it. Then I got to thinking about mailmen (sorry I'm not politically correct by using that term) They have to drive around going like 5mph all day, most of the time with no air conditioning and even if they had it why would they turn it on since their windows have to be down in order to put the mail in the mail box. Then you have places like my streets and many streets around where they have to actually walk up to the door and put the mail in the little black mailbox on the wall, or apartment buildings and trailer parks that have cbu mailboxes. That just puts them in the heat a little longer. I hope and pray for people who have to work outside that it cools off a bit soon. 74 degrees would feel wonderful right now.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Haha, it's 73 right now. Hopefully it's cool for you too. Although, it is rainy. So which do you think the mailmen prefer?