scare of a life time

Ok I'll try to make this long story short, I had posted my Viola for sale on Craigslist and had a guy that was interested in it. He said he'd pay with a certified check and asked my my address and #. I gave him Eugene's name and phone # and he got back quickly with more information. Well, one of his emails to me was very strange, saying things about his client messed up and his client was sending me a certified check for $3,800. um... RED FLAG. excuse me, do you trust a complete stranger with that much money? and why are you making $3,800 of a $150 viola? Well this made me ask him all sorts of questions, and he got on Yahoo messanger and started talking to me... that scared me enough. I was telling him that I didn't feel comfortable taking a check or mailing the viola and i'd rather do it in person and he kept going on and on about how his client would be mad at him. (by this point I knew it was a scam and he was sending me a fake check so when i cashed the check and mailed it to him i now owed the bank all that money) I was trying to be nice and get him to understand that I had no proof that he was who he said he was (owner of a music store in Florida) and that there were other viola's he could buy online for the same price. I finally got out of him an address and phone number and looked things up, nothing matched, nothing made sense. All i knew was that some creep had my address. Anyway, I kept telling him I'd return the check to the sender and consider the deal canceled and he kept insisting that I could help him. Then... he called me babe. NO one in their right mind would call a stranger babe, and definatly no businessman. So the Babe thing got me, i went off my rocker. I told him to never call me Babe, that he was being way too pushy and that when the check came I would either take it to the police station or mail it back to the sender. He still kept going for awhile and I finally got him to shut up. Anyway, by this point i wasn't scared that he was going to come after me, cuz I knew he was just some scam person trying to get money. but it was still in the back of my head that he had my address.
Now to the scarey part...
Today Lexi was sitting in her high chair eating peas (her favorite food), and I was in the bedroom folding a load of clothes. I heard her saying hi and looked around the corner. She was staring at the door (which i couldn't see) laughing, waving and saying hi. This freaked me out. was someone at the door, did i leave it unlocked? what was going on? So i walked slowely towards to door. It was closed. It was locked. What was she looking and waving at? It was the computer. our screen saver is a slide show of all the pictures, she kept seeing "the baby" and waving and saying hi. FEW. what a scare.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Oh wow! I would have peed my pants. I'm glad you're safe - keep that door locked!