What I Believe- part one

So I got on my soapbox ready to tell the world what I believe about some of the questions mentioned in Beth's blog, but I had to get back off. What a pain, I didn't even get to start rambling before I realized I had to think more about what I really did believe and how I could say that in a loving way. There's nothing worse than when I share what I believe and realize someone has been offended. Trust me, I'm not about to ease up on my thoughts and beliefs just because someone else doesn't agree with me, but there is a time and a place to be unsympathetic and a blog just isn't the place!

What do I believe? That's a pretty wide open question so I guess I'll just stick to answering the questions this week.

Global warming: hmm, I really don't think global warming will kill us before Jesus comes back, unless it's part of the tribulation, but I don't remember a seal of burning from the hole in the ozone layer in Revelation. There's no doubt in my mind that we are ruining our air quality, every day thousands of trees are being chopped down to make room for bigger houses when there are plenty of houses on the market that are plenty livable. We drive big, unnecessary SUV's and hummers to places we could walk or ride our bikes to. We throw away thousands and thousands of cans, bottles, Styrofoam etc- I'd be crazy if I didn't think this was harming our world. Our winters have been warmer and our summers have been hotter. So I guess all of this points to Global warming, right? I don't know if we're creating a hole in the ozone, but like I said, i know we're ruining our air and land and if we don't stop and cut down on all the unnecessary things we'll have to face the consequences.

Sharing your faith in the workplace: it's funny to me that this is a controversial topic. I think we are always supposed to be sharing our faith. We don't have to always be walking around with a big sign saying "JESUS DIED FOR YOU" , or "YOU'RE A SINNER AND YOU'RE GOING TO HELL" we don't even have to say any of that stuff to share your faith. People should be able to look at you and see a difference though, we are supposed to be light in a dark world, where there is a light on in a dark room you can see it right? That's how we should be everywhere we go. I believe there are a few different ways to witness to people other than just being different; there is a time for just being outright and a time for building relationships before you actually speak about God, Jesus and your faith. To me it would be more appropriate most of the time at work to build a little bit of a relationship with the person before you just come right out with it. However, if they ask you a question and open the door, you better be bold! And you bet I would share my faith even if it meant I would lose my job. I know it's happened and it's going to be happening more, crazy isn't it? Did you know that in America, the country who claims to put their trust in God, by law schools and work places HAVE to have a special room for Muslims to go pray in? odd isn't it? Americans who trust God can't even say a prayer most of the time, but Muslims are given their own room for praying to their god.

LOVE?! Did you have to go there Beth? I have to say i honestly don't know how I feel about there being only one person for you. I believe God has a special person picked out for you, but I also know that as humans we sin. We sin big and we sin a lot which makes it very possible for us to let the right person go, or pick a different person. Does that mean it's the wrong person? I don't think so. Love, although initially is a feeling, it only lasts if there is commitment. Some days it is a lot easier to love my husband than other days, and I know he feels the same about me, does that mean we're not right for each other? NO WAY! it just means we're human. God still uses us even after we've sinned and He makes things work when we mess them up. Regardless of who you've married, it's the right person for you. Some marriages take lots of work and lots of commitment, others take less but there is NO REASON for you to be scared that you married the wrong person. I'll say it again: if you're married, you're married to the right person.

now about Walt Disney.... I don't know if I want to go there. I'll say this, if I wrote to him I would have more than just the topic of love to discuss with him.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Nice, Jes!

And I'm glad you had to stop and think before writing. Not only because it forced you to write in love, but also just to remind you where you stood on things. That's why I'm really excited about this series.

I liked what you had to say, but can't really comment more b/c of a certain fussy baby... sure you understand... :-P