Forgetful Israelites

When reading about the Israelites in the Old Testament I always wonder how they can be so quick to forget what God has brought them through. They seemed to always been in a cycle: complain about what was going on, serve false idols in an attempt to fix it, got awakened to their sin, watched God provide an escape, praise God for what he did, then complain again. I just couldn't understand how in time it took Moses to write down the 10 commandments they had already forgotten about what God did and were building golden cows to serve!
As I was thinking about the Dr bill today I was amazed at how quickly I had forgotten all the ways he provided! For the first time in my life I realize I was just like the Israelites.
This month has been/is going to be a challenge, switching to this new job is requiring us to get used to a new budget which involves only getting paid once a month- the last day of the month. Since Eugene only worked half a month last month, the pay check we got on July 31st was only for half of a month and is supposed to last until August 31st. As you can imagine, this doesn't work very well. Our already tight budget was cut in half resulting in us being short $500 to pay for the bills we absolutely HAVE to pay. When i first realize this I was worried sick, what can we do so we can pay our bills for the month and have gas and food money? Where can we skimp? Are there any bills we can postpone until next month? Can we sell anything to make some extra money? the list of questions went on.
Well, we came up with a few things we weren't using that would be of some value, a 40 gallon fish tank, our bikes and some formula- since Lexi switched to whole milk the formula was not needed anymore. the aquarium and formula went on eBay, bringing in a total of $128. (PRAISE THE LORD). I put the bikes in the newspaper but no one was interested, then on Saturday at Lexi's birthday party (birthday party blog to come..) Eugene's nephew asked if we wanted to sell Eugene's bike. well, he bought the bike, we threw in the second bike and a bike rack- mostly to get them out of the way. so that brought in more money!
We were so thankful to the Lord that not only did he provide some money to help us pay the bills He also got some stuff out of the already crowded apartment. On top of that we got a letter in the Mail saying that our TN insurance company was going to be sending us a check for $133 since we canceled our policy before it had ended. (we paid for 3 months and only used it for about half a month before we moved).
All it took was one small $220 Dr bill to make me start building my golden cow- worry. Thankfully I serve a forgiving God who forgives forgetful Israelites like me.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

This post is awesome. I am SO the forgetful Israelite. Worrying about what is to come and trying to provide for myself. When I spend more time worrying about and desiring money than remembering God's gifts and worshiping him, then money becomes an idol. Scary how often that happens!

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