Frugal Friday- no sew curtains

I've been married for 4 and a half years and we've never had curtains. We have never been able to afford them (they are rediculously over priced) and we've never been able to afford a sewing machine.

Recently we moved into an apartment that has no blinds and is right on the ground level next to a fairly busy street; you can see right into the apartment from the road. Being that I didn't want people looking in our windows we decided we needed something either blinds or curtains to be able to have some privacy. We looked and looked and looked and realized even cheap curtains were expensive. Then I got a brilliant idea. My husband and I were in charge of props for the KidStuf program at our old church and many times we needed things that required sewing. Well during that time I had found this brilliant product called HeatnBond Hem and I used it often. They even make an Ultra Hold for when you need it to stick even better than just a hem. You can make just about anything with this stuff, with no sewing, just an iron. So how could I afford to make curtains though? Curtain material is expensive, and how will I get it to hang on the curtain rod, and how am i going to be able to afford curtain rods?

I was already at the $1/yard fabric looking for fabric for another project when I saw this big bolt of very pretty charcoal grey colored material. I touched it. It was perfect! It was thick, soft and a very nice color for $1/yard! Then I recalled seeing little clips that clipped to curtains and had loops to go over curtain rods. Then I remembered I had two matching small curtain rods that used to hang in our bedroom in our old apartment, all i needed was a big one for over the big window. (God provided a matching big curtain rod for just $10 at Big Lots)

So here's what I got, 14 yards of awesome material (i bought the whole bolt , i made 6 pannels for curtains, a dust ruffle to match and I still have atleast 3-4 yards left), 3 packs of clips ($2.50 a piece) and one curtain rod ($10). That's a total of $31.50 for curtains for 3 windows (including rods) and a matching dust ruffle.

I love HeatNBond!!!

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