Eugene and I were talking about presents the other day, both of our birthday's and our anniversary are in November (or should that be is in november?) Our budget right now is tight, so the thought of motorcycles and diamond rings is out of the question. Too bad, cuz that's what we want! The Blue Man Group is coming to Charlotte November 3rd and that would be an AWESOME present for Eugene, I just don't see how we'd get the money to buy the tickets- they're not cheap. The past couple years we haven't done much, I take that back, one year we did go to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary, it was sweet a big surprise to me too. Other than that our birthdays and anniversaries have been pretty laid back; but this year is FIVE years! I can't believe we've been married five years. I think I deserve diamonds. :) So.. does anyone have any good cheap ideas?


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

You're doing an awesome job incorporating these links!

And I like hearing these little stories. :-)