My boring Kitchen

So Ashley's living room has made me realize how boring my kitchen is. I had every intention of making curtains like I made for the rest of the house, but we haven't had the money to look for material. Our whole apartment is painted this khaki color, the carpet is tan, the trim and doors are while. That's the color scheme for every room in the apartment and we were told we can't paint the walls. I don't know if we'd be allowed to paint if we covered it up when we left or not but that's a lot of paint and money that I feel would be wasted since we're only planning on being here a year. So that means all the style has to come from my furniture and decorating. The living room would look nice if we had a couch, right now our "couch" consists of two lawn chairs. The bedroom is OK, it at least has curtains. But the Kitchen... I don't even like to go in the kitchen. Of course this is the room where I do most of my work, the washer and dryer are in there, and of course the oven is in there, so there are my two main chores for the day.
My goal for when we get money is to spruce up the kitchen, this will include curtains, a tablecloth, a curtain for the unsightly shelf we use as our pantry and microwave stand, and of course cloth napkins. Now if I can just find a color I like and material that will make the kitchen look inviting and fun!